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From the Principal – 15 October 2020

Hi Folks

It has been a pleasure meeting so many of you over the course the first week alongside the delight in starting to get to know your children. Visiting classrooms each day has confirmed for me that our students are enjoying their learning with focused application and that quality pastoral care is most evident.

Welcomed Feedback

Last week I shared a little about the critical importance of positive partnership between home and school. I wish to follow through on this further by sharing with you some of the key results of the recent Community Survey conducted in the latter part of Term 3. The response rate of 66% is very creditable for such a survey and yields reliable data. I am still currently analysing all of the quantitative ratings and invaluable qualitative commentary. Why is it so important to me and the school that this is done and reported back on? In a nutshell, because the voice and advocacy of our parent partners is valued, helping shape future directions for the school. For the sake of space, I have this week set out the responses to the set questions with the percentage showing those of you who indicated satisfaction or high satisfaction.

Areas for Celebration
  • Care for student needs (89%)
  • Children are safe (85%)
  • Approach to wellbeing (84%)
  • Implementing of uniform policy (84%)
  • Partner in supporting learning (81%)
  • Staff helpful and professional (80%)
  • Academic programs (80%)
  • Emphasis on Christian Education (79%)
  • Progress in learning (79%)

Areas for Consolidation

  • Recommendation of the school to others (72%)
  • Student behaviour management (72%)
  • Information about student progress (70%)
  • Sense of community (67%)
  • Learning & pedagogy for 21st Century (65%)

Areas Requiring Traction

  • Leadership accessible and interested in taking concerns seriously (63%)
  • General management of the school (55%)
  • Extra-curricular activities, especially sport (48%)
  • Continual school improvement (47%)

God bless
Dr Gregg Weaver