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Shelter Making Adventures in the Bush

Our Wow Day At Southern Hills

by Tyson T:

0n Monday,14th May, Year 6 went to Southern Hills Christian School to build a shelter. When we got there we had lunch and made some new friends. Then we walked all the way across the oval to the nature playground to pick a location to build. My group decided to choose an old tree that had fallen down. At the start we put the tarp over half of it and then put wood on it. Near the end I made a flag and stuck it to the top of our lookout tower. I think our shelter was awesome!

by Rose V:

Year 6 went to Southern Hills College to build our shelters. My group was a mix of boys and girls. We found a tree that was like a V shape so we started building. First we put the tarp that Daniel had brought on and then piled all sticks and logs on top, we all worked very well as a team. In the end we did not get water poured on top to test because there was no buckets that we could use but if we had I think our shelter would have kept us dry.

by Oliver R:

For our term 2 ‘Wow Day’ we went to Southern Hills Christian College to build our shelters that we had been designing and building a protype of in class. We all worked really well together, some people went and got sticks and leaves while the others started building the shelter. When we got there we sat down and ate lunch with the Year 6 students from Southern Hills. There were 6 groups of 8 or so students. The shelters were really good and some had a lot of room in them and were waterproof. I had a really great day!

by Shayne H:

The Year Sixes have been planning and making prototypes of shelters for the past three weeks. So on Monday 14th May, we went to Southern Hills Christian College. We got into groups and started to make our shelters. It was really fun making it, sharing our ideas and searching for materials in their nature play area. We used leaves, bark, twigs, branches, rocks and sticks. My group made it look really homey and stable. We also used lots of teamwork for our shelter to make it turn out great and it did! Our trip to Southern Hills was very exciting!