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Start of Term 2 Feedback

Thank you to the parents who shared feedback about the commencement of Term 2. We welcome messages by email to schooloffice@kalamundacs.wa.edu.au or directly to your classroom teacher.

  • Thank you for all your efforts to co-ordinate return to school in a safe and caring way!
  • Thank you for all of your organisation to ensure the safety of our children. We really appreciate all of the time and effort that has been put into this.
  • We just wanted to say thank you for making Rose’s first day back awesome! She said she had a great day which was good to hear because she was a bit worried about all the changes this term. But Rose said she had a really good day. The cookie catch up was so lovely. What a great start to term. Thanks again for all the effort you put in for our children.
  • Great and thank you. Beautiful tone and encouragement.
  • I just wanted to say that Ásta obviously had a wonderful day today! Thank you so much for all you all do to make such a supportive environment for the children, and for us families.
  • Rocco was so happy to return to school today, we were so happy to see all you wonderful teachers and students happy! I cried with happiness when I drove off, I wasn't expecting to cry, but after all this time to see the most important things such as school be so wonderful for everyone.
  • Well done on the awesome drop off and collection set up today! The staff did a wonderful job sorting the kids with their siblings for both drop off and collection! It looked like a smooth and well organised system even though a lot of us parents were unsure how it was going to work.
  • We appreciate Mrs Pendal as she is wonderful teacher and thank you.
  • Thanks Tabatha and all your team for caring so much. Chloe LOVED her first day back at school.
  • Harper came out and said he had the best day ever, he loved all the things you had set up in class and playing with his friends. Thank you so much. Hope you have a great week.