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Student Leadership Groups Off to a Great Start

Article from Tom and Amber:

We were excited to begin the KCS Student Leadership Program in the first week of school. We had an introduction session where the teachers talked to us about the different groups and what we’d be doing. Then we were separated into our three groups and were assigned to a teacher. We were excited to get our badges!

Mrs Grubb co-ordinates the Student Leadership Program and leads the Integrity group that focuses on assemblies and special events. Mrs Cockrell leads the Honour group that focuses on sport and culture. Mrs Oudman runs the Humility group which focuses on serving others and making up dance moves for JAM.

The groups are learning lots of different skills that will help us now and in the future. By the end of Year 6 we hope all the students will feel confident about going to high school and being a part of student leadership as we get older.