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Student Leadership Program for 2018

On the first day of school, Wednesday 31 January, all Year 6 students had their first Student Leadership meetings. In these meetings, students excitedly started discussing ideas for the various leadership projects they will be involved in throughout the year, what skills they need to develop to make these projects a success and how they can measure their own growth as a Christian leader. One group even decided to put ‘first things first’ and promptly organised a roster for ‘meeting snacks’, checking out any allergies! On Friday morning the students were officially initiated into their roles when they each received a leadership badge that reflects the colour of their faction: Morgan (blue), Taylor (green) and Wesley (red).

In 2018 we are trialling a new, more equitable model in Student Leadership education. This model recognises that all students will be leaders one day – in their schools, churches, workplaces, sporting clubs and even in their families – and all students benefit from the chance to develop their leadership skills and serve their school community. At the end of the year, the students who best modelled the qualities of a Christian leader during the year will be awarded a Leadership Award. This award is given to at least one girl and one boy.

The students have been divided into three groups and will rotate through three distinct programs during the year led by three different teachers. Mrs Oudman will focus on ‘service’ with the motto of ‘humility’. When students come to her group, the will be involved in service-orientated projects such as leading worship songs, writing letters to our sponsor children in developing countries and taking the role of ‘buddies’ to your youngest students. Mrs Grubb’s ‘academic’ group with the motto of ‘integrity’ will be trained in public speaking, report writing and presenting awards at the school assemblies amongst other things. Mrs Howard’s group ‘sports and arts’ group with the motto of ‘honour’ will organise faction sports during the year, be the cheerleaders at sporting carnivals and assist with any sports and arts related activities during the year.

In addition, each group will have a couple of major events to organise during the year such as the Easter Assembly and thanking the volunteers (service group); Book Week, Science Spectacular and Remembrance Day Service (academic group); and the Swimming Carnival, Jumps and Throws Carnival and the Languages Week (sports and arts group). The groups will also work together to organise a fun end-of-term assembly.

We cannot wait to see the innovative ideas the Year 6 students will come up with in 2018, the growth they display in delivering these projects and, finally, the positive contributions they will make to the Kalamunda Christian School community through their servant leadership. If you have any further questions about the KCS Student Leadership Program or would like to volunteer at special events, please contact the program coordinator Mrs Howard.