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Marvellous Me

We have had a fabulous start to the year in Year 1. Our theme is ‘Marvellous Me’ and we are focusing on superheroes. We have been learning that God made each of us unique and we all have amazing gifts and talents to share with the world. We have been learning about our ‘Super Senses’ and how they help us explore the world and keep us safe. We have also been learning about super inventions from the past and what is different between the past and the present. We had our WOW day at the start of the term which helped us to get excited about all the amazing things we are going to learn this term and introduce our theme. Here are some of the student’s favourite moments so far;

“I liked making our superheroes in Art” – Marli

“I like learning Chinese with Mr Sandlund and learning all the songs” – Elsa

“I like doing my homework diary and learning new sounds” – Charlie