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Sydney Canberra Trip Stories

The Sydney Canberra Trip is a valuable learning experience in many ways, not just for its educational benefits, but also for the relationships that students build and the sense of community that they develop.

Our Year 6 students have been writing recounts about their experiences on the trip earlier this term and have shared the following with us.

The snow was the best, I enjoyed the toboggining and having a snow ball fight. When we came back, we got to relax and play ping pong. – Riley R

I think that the experience was amazing, my favourite part of the trip was making a snowman with my friends. – Abbie

The Sydney and Canberra trip was an outstanding new experience because we had to work on our independence skills the whole trip. – Tom

I loved the trip from Sydney to Manley on the ferry, it was amazing. I enjoyed the speed of the ferry and standing at the front, seeing the beautiful views. – Lorenzo

I liked going to Perisher because I’ve never been to the snow before, the highlight was building a snowman. – Amber

The experience was out of this world. I learned so many new skills on the trip, such as: how to build a gunyah hut, about Aboriginal culture, and managing my belongings myself. – Charli

The Sydney and Canberra trip was an excellent way to teach kids to be responsible for their own things. My favourite part was bedtime, because we got to think about all the awesome things we had done that day. – Evie

I thought the Sydney and Canberra trip was very good. I really enjoyed the Manly ferry, the snow and the Canberra Zoo visit. – Julian