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Term 1 Leadership

This year we are trialling a new, more equitable model in Student Leadership education. This model recognises that all students will be leaders one day and all students benefit from the chance to develop their leadership skills and serve their school community.

In Term 1, all students have started developing skills in their allocated areas of responsibility:

  • the “Integrity” group are improving their public speaking and award presentation skills in our fortnightly assemblies;
  • the “Humility” group is supervising a “buddy bench” at recess and lunch as well as corresponding with our sponsor children in developing countries;
  • and the “Honour” group is facilitating cheerleading in sporting carnivals and leading Year 4-6 student in a Dodgeball tournament.

We cannot wait to see the other innovative ideas the Year 6 students will come up with in 2018, the growth they display in delivering these projects and, finally, the positive contributions they will make to the Kalamunda Christian School community through their servant leadership.