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Term 2 Leadership

At Kalamunda Christian School all Year 6 students participate in a Leadership Program lead by three KCS staff: Mrs Howard, Mrs Oudman and Mrs Grubb. The aim of all three groups is to develop a heart of service. We have currently just begun the second rotation.

Mrs Howard leads the Honour group which focuses on leading the school in sports and cultural aspects. Most recently, they have been organising and running a ‘Dodge Ball’ competition.

From Mrs Howard:

The battle for the Year 4-6 American Dodgeball Tournament has been fought and the winners are.... the staff! The student winners Year 4 Taylor gave their all in the finals, but were unfortunately no match for our sporty staff such as Mr Bailey, Mr Sandlund and Mr Harris. Congratulations to both Year 4 Taylor and the staff! The Rotation 2 Arts and Sports leadership group is planning a new faction tournament for the school, so stay tuned and start practising! (Oh, that's right... you don't know what sport it is yet!)

Mrs Oudman leads the Humility group, which focuses on service within the school and wider community, the Humility group are currently looking into fundraising ideas for ‘Water for Africa’.

Mrs Grubb leads the Integrity group, the focus for this group is serving the school community. Currently this group is being trained in the process of handing out awards at assembly, the process of returning lost property and how to best assist in the library.

These groups also play a big part in developing relationships between staff and students, as they discuss relevant issues and new skills and understandings about the world. This is usually done over snacks, brought in by the students or staff. It is great to have a wind down at the end of the session.