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Thank You Message from Mrs Cockrell

Thank you


The debates about education and the conditions and qualities needed, which contribute to a highly effective school, is quite a heated topic.

Academic performance is often seen as the only indicator of educational success and the markers of an effective education system. I believe this is only one aspect … I believe children need to feel nurtured and supported in their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They need to feel they are seen and valued. Only then will they move into the comfort that allows flow and deep learning.

Creating this ‘magic’ is what happens in classrooms on a day to day basis. When I pop in to visit classes, I have the privilege of seeing students grow in knowledge and learn new skills; their easy confidence as they interact with teachers and peers … and, at times, develop strategies of conflict resolution as they live life here at school. These daily connections build each child as teachers walk alongside and support each one along their learning journey. The ‘magic’ happens in these moments, where relationships are developed and trust is built.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our staff for their deep commitment, passion and advocacy for the children at our school. They have given much over the year and have gone the extra mile for the school at every opportunity.

Executive Team

Our school’s executive team is a strong and capable group of professionals and I would like to thank each of them for their hard work, commitment and support to the entire Kalamunda Christian School community. Thank you to Mrs Sarah Wiggill (Business Manager); Mrs Tabatha Grubb (Deputy Principal) and Mrs Donna Reed (Director of Teaching and Learning). You are outstanding leaders and I am very proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you!

Thanks to our leadership team, Mrs Rachel Pendal (Curriculum Coordinator) and Mrs Kate Rimmer (Early Years’ Coordinator) who have invested a great deal this year to ensure the smooth running of both their areas of expertise. Your hard work, passion and commitment has blessed our school tremendously.

School Committee, Parents in Partnership and Volunteers

Whilst staff make a difference on a day-to-day basis in classrooms and at the front office, our various parent-operated committees and individual parent volunteers have allowed students to flourish in a supportive and well-resourced environment. Sincere thanks to each one of you for your strong support this year. You have been OUTSTANDING!

Thanks also to all parents who have volunteered time and effort to support our school this year. We would not be able to offer the different activities without your help and support.

A special thank you to those who have been involved in our extra-curricular activities:

  • Swimming coaches: Clare Henry (swimming coordinator), Bec Bell, Paul de Blank, Megan Morris, Jenny Raymond, Ethan Sharp, Hayley Wallace
  • Netball coaches: Leila Arnott, Jill Barnden, Bec Bell, Michael Warwick
  • Soccer coaches: David Gulland, Jeff Yeoman
  • Basketball coaches: Cassie Beacham, Daniel Collet, Lauren Hall, Tyson Lewis, Tim Sneddon
  • Chess: Rory Minchington
  • School Banking program: Debbie de Blank, Megan Morris, Amanda Pabst,
  • Playgroup: Jessica Smailes
  • Aladdin Trouble Production: Luke van der Beeke, Fi Fasolo, Linda Kolker, Diana McRobert, Rob Vletter
  • Library: Lois Bird, Julie Gardiner, Amanda Pabst, Gina Smith
  • Fathering Project Coordinators: Craig Clark, Giles Creelman, Daniel Collet
  • School Committee: Craig Clark, Giles Creelman, Emily Hainsworth, Clare Oudman, Joylene Struthers
  • Parents in Partnership: Emma Abbot, Natasha Groom, Clare Henry, Evette Lewis, Nick & Jane Stowe, Viv Testa, Vanessa Tolomei, Sarah Vogt, Judith Whitehurst,

Your contribution has meant that we can offer a host of activities in which to engage our students. Thank you for encouraging our students, for instructing them, and for building into them. Thank you for willingly offering up your very limited ‘free’ time in the interests of not only your own children, but other children as well. Thank you for being adults that ALL our children can look up to! A massive shout out to each one of you.