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Year 2 Perform for Assembly

There was much excitement in the Year 2 class leading up to our assembly. The students were learning a new song and preparing for the play entitled “The Old Toy Room”. We spent a lot of time rehearsing to get all our speaking parts, actions, movements and songs just right. We discussed how to use the microphone, voice projection, expression, eye contact and how to face the audience. We planned our costumes, made props and prepared dances. Finally the big day arrived and what a day it was! The students were excited and nervous but the performance was a great success. After the assembly our classroom was open for parents, grandparents and friends and the students were so proud showing their loved ones around. Here are a few quotes from our students:

I liked acting out the play and also being a narrator and talking into the microphone. (Mia W)

I liked doing the song “Stand Strong” because I thought it was fun and watching people read their Mother’s Day poems. (Adam M)

I really liked acting in the play and dressing up like a teddy bear. (Elsa W)