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Year 3 Visit to Scitech

The Year 3 students visited Scitech recently. First they attended a “Power Trip Show” in the theatre where they learned about the different types of power around us. A few loud bangs and bright lights were part of the learning experience!

The second part of the morning was in Rio Tinto Innervation Central Tinker where students were given a design task – build something that will hover for at least 15 seconds on the air table. Working in groups of three, students had to agree on a design, purchase materials selected from paper plates, dowelling, tape, newspaper, blu tack, string, rubber bands and pipe cleaners and construct a ‘hover-mobile.’

After a short break for recess, students were able to explore the hands-on general exhibition area before boarding the bus to return to school in time for lunch.

What was the best part of the excursion? Here are some comments from Year 3 students:

In Scitech I enjoyed watching the Power Trip Show. I liked it because they talked about different types of energy and especially when the person shot the plasma gun. – Nic

I enjoyed the rescue room with rock climbing and the smoke room in the rescue room. It was fun.– Miriama

The piano was my favourite one because the sound was amazing. – Makayla

Making a flying machine - I really enjoyed how it didn’t matter if you got it wrong because the lady there wanted us to improve what we had made and keep on changing our machine. - Sienna