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Year 6 Leadership Talk with Jaiden Hall

Our Year 6 students recently had a visit from Jaiden Hall, Youth Pastor at Kalamunda Church of Christ to talk about Christian leadership.

Jaiden was a student at KCS and held the position of Head Boy at Swan Christian College.

He reflected on his own time at KCS, how he and his groups of friends first initiated a basketball team called KC Saints. This was the humble student initiative that has now grown to the varied after school sports program that also includes netball, soccer and swimming.

Jaiden got students to explore leadership and teamwork through the practical activity of building the tallest tower using straws and marshmallows. Finally, Jaiden joined the staff v Year 6 Wesley soccer game, where the students succumbed to the raw power and talent of KCS teachers 1:3. Year 6 Wesley is the winner of the Year 3-6 faction soccer challenge. Congratulations!