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Adventures in Year 6

WoW! What A Day!
Sci-Tech Incursion

by Thomas R - Year 6:

Less than a month has passed and already we’ve done lots of exciting things. Although, my favourite by a country mile was the WoW Day, which was based on our theme Marvellous Concoctions. First, we had Corey from SciTech put of a science show. He taught us about solids, liquids and gases. Corey also lit some flash paper on fire and told us that they make flash paper flammable on purpose! After the science show, we were given a vital mission – to create a coating for a tablet so that it wouldn’t dissolve too quickly in the stomach but would dissolve before it’d passed through the intestines. Overall, I thought our WoW Day was best experience so far this year…

Technologies: Stop Motion

by Matilda B - Year 6:

On the 31st of January 2018, Mrs. Rimmer and Sir. Bailey gave us some exciting news: we’d be creating a stop motion film for technologies! Flashback to the announcement… After we’d had the opportunity to discuss it as a class, we watched some examples of stop motions. By the end, we had a pretty good idea about what a stop motion video looks like as well as a substantial amount inspiration for creating our own. Before putting us to task, they put us to process, the production process to create a stop motion film – the ins and outs to make a blockbuster! Lastly, they sent us to the drawing boards where we would plan our storyboards based on a scene from the novel George’s Marvellous Medicine by the famous children’s author Roald Dahl. Since that day many moons ago, we’ve started making our props and sets using both clay and LEGO. Next week, we’ll begin taking the individual pictures and I have a feeling it could take a while…

Mathematics: Swan Online

by Lachlan B - Year 6:

In Mathematics, I have been participating in Swan Online Year 9 Maths as extension to my maths. This involves a program called Canvas – an online school application. Every Tuesday, I have a skype lesson with my online teacher Mrs Horlock. In these lessons, I get my schedule of work for the week and I am taught some new methods and techniques. With all its cool features, Swan Online has been engaging and interesting. Furthermore, I think it’s going to get even better!

Science: The Lemon Volcano!

by Catherine W - Year 6:

So far this year, we've done many things that were fun; many things which brought a smile when they were done. For example, a WoW Day, science experiments and class projects. If I was to pick my favourite it would have to be the Lemon Volcano. To begin we wrote down our hypothesis. After we’d put pen to paper, we put on our experiment. Our anticipation as our volcano stirred and rumbled. And then… we poured create a chemical reaction inside the volcano and it roared! In the end, we were left with a mess but the it was totally worth it.

Classroom: Dojo Points

by Shayne H - Year 6:

Our class has been having lots of fun, working hard, trying our best and working as a team. As a result, for our hard work, Mrs Rimmer or Mr Bailey will give us Dojo Points for our good behaviour. However, they maintain the right and are shouldered with the responsibility to take our points away should we start to stray.

Sport and Development
The Oval’s Marvellous Makeover

by Zachary L - Year 6:

This term, we will be participating in the KCS jumps, throws and carnival games carnival, which is not only a lot of fun to say but to practice for with your friends. Despite the heat, we need to practice because the oval will be getting its marvellous makeover in terms two and three this year. And so, like our home city of Perth, we’ll be getting a new stadium; minus the towering grand stands and an incomplete bridge to East Perth… In short, our beloved oval will have Subiaco Stadium’s one redeeming feature – the drainage, which will allow students to enjoy a swamp free oval for many years to come.

The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

by Beau V - Year 6:

Chemistry is great and chemical reactions are even greater! And the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment provided our team – The A-Team – with the chance to combine chemicals and create a chemical reaction. I can’t wait to study chemistry in secondary school!