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Parents in Partnership

Kalamunda Christian School has always encouraged the active involvement of parents and guardians in the functioning of the school, from classroom helpers to sport coaches and helping with fundraising and school events. One of the ways in which you can be involved in our school community is through our Parents in Partnership model.

Parents in Partnership is a vital role to support your children’s class, teacher and parents in getting to know each other, and integrating parent contributions to school activities and social events.

They provide another means of uniting the school community by enhancing the quality of relationships between teachers and parents and between parents within our school community.

Parents in Partnership are valued members of our school community and their time and commitment are very much appreciated. The focus of the Parents in Partnership is on building networks and community amongst the parents in each class.

Being a Parent in Partnership (PiP) is a great way to get to know other parents in the school and to make new friends. You do not have to be ‘at’ school to take on this role, as much of the organisation and communication can be done via email or phone. It is a relatively easy task, does not require a significant amount of time and two parents can share the role for each class if they wish. New parents are especially recommended to consider taking up this role. It is a great way to meet all the families in your class and being involved in the school helps parents to settle into the new environment.


  • To be respectful of everyone’s privacy and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students and parents is maintained at all times.
  • Maintaining and circulating a class contact list for families to foster communication within the class group.
  • Organising opportunities for the group to get to know one another outside of school, e.g. morning teas and dinners for the parents, picnics, class play dates for the children.
  • Supporting the class teacher when and if required.
  • Where requested by teachers, organising parent helpers for class activities and programs like reading, science projects, sports events, school concert etc.
  • Encouraging and supporting the parents of the class group to get involved in school community activities, fundraising and events.
  • Welcoming new families to the class and arranging appropriate introductions with other parents of the class.
  • Meet with other Parent Reps once a term to share debrief, share success stories and discuss plans for the coming term.


  • The PiP class representative is not a counsellor and should not engage in any form of Pastoral Care on behalf of Kalamunda Christian School – should any concerns or issues arise, these should be directed to the appropriate person (e.g. Teacher, Deputy Principal and/or Principal) as per the Complaints Policy.
  • The PiP class representative is not to engage in any form of gossip, rather it is paramount that such situations are diffused, and people encouraged to follow the right protocol.
  • The PiP class representative does not circumvent the parent/teacher relationship – any concerns regarding to a child’s education or wellbeing should be directed to the teacher directly by the respective parent/s.
  • The PiP class representative is not an official spokesperson for the School and should not make any public statements and/or provide comment on School policy or how specific issues are dealt with.

Suggested activities

The activities listed below are a few suggestions you might like to consider:

  • Organise a Meal Roster (e.g. for family with new baby, prolonged illness etc.)
  • Whole Class BBQ/ Picnic
  • Mums Night Out
  • Events that includes/involves dads
  • Class Play Dates (even for bigger kids)
  • Coffee catch-ups / Afternoon/Morning Teas
  • Organise for class to go to appropriate community events (e.g. Australia Day concert)
  • Class Games Night (for the whole family)
  • Organise a birthday card for each child in the class
  • Organise a birthday card for the teacher on behalf of the class.


If you require any photocopying or printing, please contact Administration.

Pip meetings will be held once per term in the library, at a time convenient for the group.

How to become a Parent in Partnership Parent Class Representative

If you would like to volunteer yourself to be a Parent Partner for your child’s class, please fill out the form by Friday 7 February 2020.

Selected candidates will be notified the following week and will occupy the role until the end of the school year.

We encourage you to become a part of this initiative and look forward to seeing our families adopt the Kalamunda Community experience.

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The Words of Our Community

From the Parents, Teachers and Students of Kalamunda Christian School
“Being a student leader has helped me move out of my comfort zone and focus on helping other people.”
Year 6 Student
“The KCS Playgroup is well-organised, clean and there is always such a lovely, friendly, family atmosphere. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!”
Playgroup Parent
“Our daughter's smooth transition to beginning school was heavily due to our Friday mornings spent at Kalamunda Christian School Playgroup.”
Kick Start Parent
“Students rarely remember maths or spelling tests taken in primary school but they will never forget the time they played a part in their school play"
Year 3 Parent
“My son has a sense of pride when he puts on his school uniform, he loves representing the school and he feels like he belongs.”
Year 3 Parent
"A great school that produces a fantastic bunch of kids that respect themselves, others and the wider community"
Kalamunda Christian School
"Kind and close community spirit. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child's education.”
Kalamunda Christian School
"Teachers go above and beyond what is required, and they make each child feel accepted."
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“Absolutely exceptional. Every staff member is just so helpful, calm, sincere and caring.”
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