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KC Saints Basketball 2021

Basketball is a great way to get fit, have fun with friends and learn teamwork along with the skills associated with the sport.

This is made possible by the number of parents who volunteer to help coach teams. Without their commitment, dedication, passion and willingness to do so, we wouldn’t be in the position to successfully run the various sports for our students.

We place an emphasis on physical fitness and sportsmanship and intend the activities to be for enjoyment and healthy competition. The essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles:

  • trustworthiness
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • fairness
  • caring, and
  • good citizenship

By registering for KC Saints sport, parents and players agree to support the Kalamunda Christian School Code of Conduct:



1. Cooperate with your coach and other players.

2. Play by the rules.

3. Do not argue with your coach or referee.

4. Be a good sport. Applaud all good players – whether they are your team mates or opponents.

5. Respect others.

6. Control your temper.

7. Wear the club uniform with pride.

8. Work hard for both yourself and your team.

9. Cooperate with your coach, team mates and opponents.

10. Be a responsible team member:

a. Be on time.

b. Encourage and help all players.

c. Attend all training sessions.

1. Show appreciation for volunteer coaches and officials. They give up their time and resources to provide sporting opportunities for your child.

2. Encourage children to play according to the rules.

3. Accept the referee’s decision as being fair and called to the best of their ability.

4. A child learns by example; applaud good play. This creates a positive and supportive climate for all children.

5. Set a good example by your own conduct. Accept loss graciously and applaud the efforts of all playing the game.

6. Be courteous to coaches, officials and administrators at all times.

7. Recognise your child’s efforts and performance – not whether they win or lose.

8. Encourage children to participate for their interest, not yours.

Boys and girls from Years 2 - 6 are welcome to play.

Game Times:

The KDBA have indicated that most teams will play on Wednesday afternoons, apart from the senior boys and girls teams, who will play on Monday afternoons. Games are held at Ray Owen Sports Centre. The KDBA schedules the fixtures and posts them online. Game timeslots will be starting from 4:05pm (the younger teams normally play earlier). The GameDay App is recommended for keeping up to date with your child's game times.

[ Click here for online fixtures ]

Training Times:

Each team will decide when it best suits them to train. Training will either take place at school during the week or at Ray Owen Sports centre before games.

Please refer to your coach for your training time.


Season 1 2021 commences from 15 February. The dates for the finals series for eligible teams are yet to be advised.

Note that there will be general byes during the school holidays.

What to Bring:

A basketball uniform will be provided at the start of the season. Bring a drink bottle to every training and game.


  • $95 registration fee for the season per player, which includes uniform hire cost (uniforms to be returned at the end of each year). This will be charged to your school fee account. Non KCS players, please pay directly to the school office on registration.
  • $35 annual insurance charge per player, paid directly to Basketball WA upon registration.

Please note that game fees of $8 per player are payable at Ray Owen Sports Centre at each game, which covers the cost of umpiring. Please purchase your game ticket from the front desk on arrival and take it to the score bench.

Register in Parent Lounge:

By registering for KC Saints sport, parents and players agree to support the Kalamunda Christian School Code of Conduct.

Please note that our parent coaches are provided with contact details for their teams so they can keep parents informed about coaching and game times.

Registrations are now taken through Parent Lounge.

Click Here for instructions on how to register. Please register by Friday 11 December as the system will automatically close registrations after this date.

Important Note:

Parent help is an essential part of KC Saints Basketball. Our teams are coached and organised with the help of our parents. Please note that we will only be able to put forward teams that have parent coaches available and that have the minimum number of students registered. Parent help for scoring at the games will also be needed.

If you have any questions please contact Nola Jones at nola.jones@kalamundacs.wa.edu.au.

The Words of Our Community

From the Parents, Teachers and Students of Kalamunda Christian School
“Being a student leader has helped me move out of my comfort zone and focus on helping other people.”
Year 6 Student
“The KCS Playgroup is well-organised, clean and there is always such a lovely, friendly, family atmosphere. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!”
Playgroup Parent
“Our daughter's smooth transition to beginning school was heavily due to our Friday mornings spent at Kalamunda Christian School Playgroup.”
Kick Start Parent
“Students rarely remember maths or spelling tests taken in primary school but they will never forget the time they played a part in their school play"
Year 3 Parent
“My son has a sense of pride when he puts on his school uniform, he loves representing the school and he feels like he belongs.”
Year 3 Parent
"A great school that produces a fantastic bunch of kids that respect themselves, others and the wider community"
Kalamunda Christian School
"Kind and close community spirit. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child's education.”
Kalamunda Christian School
"Teachers go above and beyond what is required, and they make each child feel accepted."
Kalamunda Christian School
“Absolutely exceptional. Every staff member is just so helpful, calm, sincere and caring.”
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