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Swim School

KC Saints Swim School

At Kalamunda Christian School we focus on excellence and our swimming program is no different.

Who teaches at our KC Saints Swim School?

We are privileged to have qualified swimming instructors who volunteer their time to teach our children to master the skill of swimming. Their passion, experience and commitment is evident in all that they do.

A very big thank you to Clare Henry for heading up our swim school and also to our other volunteers for their time and dedication to swimming.

The Guildford Kalamunda Districts Swim Club will also continue to provide a qualified squad coach to work with our students.

Who can join?

Children from Kindy to Year 6 can join our program, but there is a minimum age of 4 years old.

What makes our swimming program so unique?

“The focus of the program is to take the children from their current ability and level of skill and ensure they develop their skills, not as a group but as individuals at their own pace.” Clare Henry (swimming coach)

Because we swim weekly the skills are retained. The swimmers build up confidence, strength and technique (muscle memory) becomes more automatic as they practice regularly.

How are the groups allocated?

Our groups are split according to ability like any other swim school, but what makes us unique is our ability to take things slower and focus on teaching each child the foundations of great swimming.

What do we teach?

Our main focus in the early stages is a good streamline body position and proficient kick. With these key elements mastered, swimming becomes more efficient and new skills and concepts can be added giving the swimmer a beautiful stroke. As the children move through the program they are given stroke guidance and correction and by the time they can swim 25 metres they are able to join the squad.

Squad swimming continues to focus on body position and streamline but adds the challenge of speed and stamina to the program in fun and dynamic ways (and a few old fashion drills). Children are encouraged to give their best performance.

Our swimming teachers believe that swimming is a skill for life and take this opportunity seriously to impart their passion and love for swimming.

How do I join?

By registering for KC Saints sport, parents and players agree to support the Kalamunda Christian School Code of Conduct.

Please note that whilst we will do our best to accommodate everyone, enrolments will also be limited by the number of swimming teachers who are available each day, and the maximum pool capacity as stipulated by the management at Maida Vale. If classes fill to capacity, places will be allocated based on the date of registration.

[ Click here to register for swim school ]

When and where do we swim?

Our venue for KC Saints Swim School is Maida Vale heated swimming pool, 221 Gooseberry Hill Rd, Maida Vale. Swimming times are from 6:50am until 7:40am. Each term we email parents to advise which mornings swimming will be held.

What is the cost?

The cost for swimming for Term 1 will be $60 per child for the term, for one day a week (includes pool entry). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the option of two days a week due to expected enrolment numbers. Please note that parent’s fee accounts will be charged based on your registration, and the cost is a commitment for the whole term, regardless of the number of sessions attended.

What should I wear?

  • Swimmers wear navy blue bathers. Kalamunda Christian School bathers are available from the uniform shop for both boys and girls.
  • All swimmers must have their own pair of goggles.
  • Any swimmers with hair longer than their ear lobes must have their hair tied up and placed in a swimming cap.

What do I bring?

  • Children must bring a water bottle and take it to the pool deck.
  • Towel.
  • Students change into their normal school uniform after swimming.
  • Breakfast is provided back at school in the art room.

Squad member expectations

  • We expect all children to show appropriate respect for their coaches and instructors.
  • We ask that all children give their best effort, regardless of their accomplishment.
  • We expect all of our swimmers to be encouraging and courteous to other students.

The Words of Our Community

From the Parents, Teachers and Students of Kalamunda Christian School
“Being a student leader has helped me move out of my comfort zone and focus on helping other people.”
Year 6 Student
“The KCS Playgroup is well-organised, clean and there is always such a lovely, friendly, family atmosphere. We couldn’t be happier with our choice!”
Playgroup Parent
“Our daughter's smooth transition to beginning school was heavily due to our Friday mornings spent at Kalamunda Christian School Playgroup.”
Kick Start Parent
“Students rarely remember maths or spelling tests taken in primary school but they will never forget the time they played a part in their school play"
Year 3 Parent
“My son has a sense of pride when he puts on his school uniform, he loves representing the school and he feels like he belongs.”
Year 3 Parent
"A great school that produces a fantastic bunch of kids that respect themselves, others and the wider community"
Kalamunda Christian School
"Kind and close community spirit. Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child's education.”
Kalamunda Christian School
"Teachers go above and beyond what is required, and they make each child feel accepted."
Kalamunda Christian School
“Absolutely exceptional. Every staff member is just so helpful, calm, sincere and caring.”
Kalamunda Christian School